Mixoper -We are now in startup projects.

We are selected in Albaraka Garaj startups.Mixoper's intelligent visual support platform enables AI and AR-powered visual assistance that helps companies provide customer service of the future.

For example, something went wrong in your modem and you are looking for the company that is responsible for the product. You are logging into the Mixoper platform in your browser and we send you a link to the web application.

This link then allows a customer representative to connect you to the phone camera. You can show the problem to the agent.The agent representative will provide you with support.

If we solve your problem, we don't destroy these videos and we use it to train AL in the face of similar problems. Therefore, if you need to connect a cable or turn a key, these instructions may appear automatically on the screen, not verbally. Customer service agent define products and problems using augmented reality, so they also train artificial intelligence.

Posted in Mixoper on Dec 21, 2018